Microsoft a parlé de SharePoint Server 2016 dans un récent article. Ils parlent d’une version plus sécuritaire, stable et fiable qui permettra de prendre avantage des innovations apportées par le Cloud (Azure, Hybrid et Office 365)

Voici ce que Microsoft dit en anglais :

 We are committed to making the next version of SharePoint server the most secure, stable and reliable version to date—allowing organizations to take advantage of cloud innovation on their terms. 

We’re excited about the next on-premises version of SharePoint and we’re sure you will be too. It has been designed, developed and tested with the Microsoft Software as a Service (SaaS) strategy at its core, drawing from SharePoint Online. With this, SharePoint Server 2016 will offer customers enhanced, flexible deployment options, improved reliability and new IT agility, enabled for massive scale.

With SharePoint Server 2016, in addition to delivering rich on-premises capabilities, we’re focused on robust hybrid enablement in order to bring more of the Office 365 experiences to our on-premises customers.

Vous pouvez lire l’article au complet sur le blog de Office